By Daisy Li
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Hi, I'm Daisy!

I’m a street food fanatic that rarely says no to a cheap flight :’) I was adopted by a modeling agency in India (not a model), lived with bikers in Turkey (not a biker), and stayed in a community with self-built teepees along the Spree in Germany (not a real hippie).

From losing my passport in the Himalayas to getting lost in the jungles of Colombia, I write in hopes of helping others navigate away from mistakes I’ve made!

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Some of my Favorite Destinations

Here & There

Right after our high school graduation, my friend and I decided to take on China. At 18, we grabbed our bags and went on a 2-month journey across 9 cities. I barely stopped afterward.

Although I don’t couchsurf or backpack as I did in my early 20s, I hope some of my earlier posts will show you that traveling doesn’t have to be luxurious and costly.

For those that love the road, there is always a way!


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