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Living With Bikers In Denizli | Turkey

By Daisy Li

There are many fantastic tourist attractions in Turkey. But nothing was as exciting as being hosted by a biker in Denizli, Turkey!

Granted, not everyone likes to spend nights in a stranger’s house. But I love the excitement of meeting someone unknown when embracing their culture and lifestyle without hesitation when having hour-long conversations without the awkwardness of small talk and long pauses.

Denizli Turkey: Pamukkale

Denizli is a province in southwest Turkey and the base to Pamukkale- a famous tourist spot with mineral-rich thermal waters housed by snow-white terraces. The hot springs sit beside Hierapolis, a Roman ‘spa city’ with a well-preserved theater and other architectural wonders.


Pamukkale is a natural site in Denizli. The city had beautiful hot springs surrounded by white walls as formed by carbonate minerals, often known as the “cotton castle”. While the pools are usually overfilled with warm, baby blue water, my visit only saw several filled ponds.


Nonetheless, the hot spring is absolutely beautiful during the sunset. It is naturally warm, which provides a great spot to sit and relax. Though it was considerably crowded during an August day, the other sites surrounding the hot springs were at complete peace.

Denizli Turkey: Hierapolis


Hierapolis, an ancient Greco-Roman city, was built atop the hot springs. The theater was phenomenal. Despite it being a few thousand years old, it stood tall against the city of Denizli. Both Turkey and Greece are known for their tourist attractions- especially these grand, ancient theaters and magnificent architecture.

Can’t imagine what these places held under the reign of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire!


The next night, my host and his friend brought me to a Turkish Bikers’ Club. They drank Turkish tea and beer, and we just chatted. A few even took out guitars and had a jam session.

Honestly, I think I’ve found my calling. Waiting for the days when I can retire and ride around the highways of Canada :J

Denizli Turkey: Akyaka

On the third day, my host and his friend took a few days off work to take me on a spontaneous bike trip to Akyaka, a 2-hour motorbike ride away from Denizli.

akyaka beachside

Mu─čla is a popular destination for tourists. It houses some of the most beautiful beaches and sights in Turkey. Akyaka, being a smaller city, is less tourist-prone. it is quiet and mesmerizing, a camping hot-spot for locals and bikers.

Total Cost

My host wouldn’t let me pay for a dime. The only cost I incurred was the bus from Cappadocia to Denizli, which was another 10-hour bus for about TL 60 (US 16). These buses vary between companies despite similar prices. For more information, visit a local bus terminal. They usually have people there to answer questions. Whether it be a short stay in Alanya or a few trips around Antalya, you can’t deny that there are many things to do in this beautiful country.

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