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How To Create An EPIC Colombia Travel Itinerary

By Daisy Li
Are you looking to devise a Colombia travel plan? You are in the right place!

This post will detail everything you should know before a Colombia travel trip. Be it the best time to visit, the visa procedure, or the most popular destinations in this sun-kissed country, I will go over each aspect of the journey-planning process so you can have the best trip!

Colombia is one of my favorite destinations. Not only are the people friendly, the food delicious, and the scenery diverse, but the country has a certain charm that draws you right in. To travel Colombia is to learn a resilience that continues to strive amid historical adversities. Whether you decide to do so by embarking on a self-guided journey or joining a group tour, I will provide the information below!



Overview of this Colombia Travel Guide

Colombia is a lively country that sits at the tip of South America. It has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, which is characterized by the vast greenery, range of ecosystems, and varying wildlife. Be it the colorful small towns or the modern cityscapes, Colombia is the perfect destination for those seeking an adventurous getaway.

The first thing to do is deciding when to visit Colombia. If you’ve already a date in mind, head to the next section of the post, where I will dive into the activities and sights. Otherwise, below is an overview of everything you should know when deciding a date for your trip to Colombia!

Map of Colombia

Here is a map with several popular destinations that may give you some inspiration for your Colombia travel plans. Feel free to zoom into the map to take a closer look!

Whether you’d like to camp amongst wildlife or soak in the charm of a colorful neighborhood, this country will offer plenty of options. Colombia is also known for its extreme sports, such as paragliding and deep-sea diving.

When to go to Colombia

Colombia is a destination that can be visited year-round. Despite high humidity during late spring and late fall, rain season in Colombia is nothing like monsoon in South Asia. Even if the weather report stresses storms throughout the day, it usually means that there will be a quick shower or three. As such, wet season in Colombia won’t restrict your journey too much.

You can also plan your trip around Colombia’s festivities. Like most Latin American countries, Colombia goes all out during its carnival season. Not only is the Carnival of Barranquilla one of the biggest events in the country, but it’s also one of the biggest carnival celebrations in the world. The festivities officially begin in early February, though people can be found celebrating starting from mid-January. 

The Festival de Flores en Medellin beginning in August is another fun celebration that fills the city with parades and people. The event showcases mesmerizing flower arrangements that populate the streets of Medellin. 

The Black and Whites’ Carnival and The Cali Fair are also great expeditions for those looking to travel to Colombia.

Booking Timeline

Colombia is a country with plenty of things to do. If you’d like to take on the many adventures that the country offers, I recommend booking certain activities beforehand during the peak tourist season.

The best time to book flights to Colombia is 5-6 months beforehand. It’s best to book hotels around 1-2 months in advance and activities a month before your departure date.

5-6 months in advance of your Colombia travel date:

Book international flights to Colombia.

Get insurance for Colombia travel dates.

Finalize your Colombia travel plans

Look up visa needs and requirements

Plan accommodation

3–1 month in advance of your Colombia travel date:

Plan your transportation around the country

Book your accommodation

3 weeks in advance of your Colombia travel date:

Apply for a visa

Book attractions and tours

Book airport transfers or other modes of transport to your hotel

Look up roaming needs if required

Save a copy of your documents onto your phone

2 days in advance of your trip:

Pack your bags and double-check your bookings!


How to Get to Colombia

Flights to Colombia

There are several ways to travel to Colombia. There are buses from a number of its neighboring countries, but it’s most likely that you will fly into one of Colombia’s 12 international airports. Depending on your itinerary, I’d recommend flying and departing from airports on opposite sides of the country so you can experience the sights in-between.

For example, I flew into Bogotá Airport El Dorado and departed from Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena, which gave me ample time to traverse the cities and towns between the two locations.

Nonetheless, even if you choose a round-flight trip from the same city, the domestic flights and/or other forms of transportation within Colombia are very affordable.

Best Deals on Flights to Colombia

Skyscanner is one of my favorite sites for comparing flights from multiple airlines.

You can sign up for Skyscanner’s price alerts, which will notify you when flights to Colombia drop in price.

Visas & Permits

Citizens from these countries don’t require a visa when entering Colombia for a max stay of 90 days. Those who do require a visa can apply for an e-visa online.

However, it’s important to note that some nationals may need to pay an entrance fee for Colombia. For example, Canadians are required to pay COP160,000 or CAD 80 at the Colombian airport. Remember to bring a sufficient amount of COP in cash!

Money in Colombia

The Colombia Peso is the local currency (US 1 = COP 3,776.50). Although most places accept credit cards, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash. Settle for a few bigger bills, such as the COP 10,000 notes, but make sure you have a sufficient number of COP 1000 and COP 2000 bills on hand if you’d like to buy small snacks on the street.

Best Destinations & Colombia Travel Itineraries

A Colombia travel plan is not complete without crossing off a national park, several colorful towns, and at least one of its metropolitan. Here are a few popular destinations in Colombia that are worth a visit!

Bogota, the capital of Colombia with lots of museums and beautiful architecture

Salento, home to the Cocora Valley, tallest palm trees in the world

Barichara, a serene town with cobblestone roads and colonial houses

San Gil, a charming town close to Barichara

Medellin, one of the biggest metropolitan with lots of historical significance

Guatape, one of the most colorful towns in Colombia, a few hours from Medellin

Jardin, another small town known for its colorful houses and simple streets

Cartagena, famed port city with gorgeous colonial buildings

Cali, a popular city for salsa and nightlife

San Andres, an island in the Caribbean Sea

guatape-colombia-(10) colombia travel plans

There are countless gorgeous destinations in Colombia. But if this is your first time in the country, here are a few Colombia travel guides that may help plan your trip!

The Best Things to do in Medellin

How to Visit San Gil & Barichara

Guatape: the Most Colorful Town in Colombia

The Best Things to do in Colombia

Soacha: Bogota’s Hidden Gem

Colombia tourism isn’t complete without a few national parks. Here are some of my favorite: 

A Complete Guide to the Cocora Valley in Salento

The Ultimate Guide to Tayrona National Park

Here are a few transportation guides and photos-journalism pieces!

Bus from Salento to Bogota & Vice Versa

Direct Bus from Salento to Medellin

Here are a few photos to make you fall in love with Cartagena!

Accommodation in Colombia

Colombia is a relatively affordable country to travel across. There are plenty of hostels and hotels to choose from, with some as low as US 5!

Hostels in Colombia are usually between US 5-25 depending on the town and season. I recommend eco-friendly hostels where you can interact with the owners, as many will provide amazing nature-oriented advice for backpacking Colombia.

Mid-range hotels will average around US 24-60 / night. You can discover plenty of highly-rated rooms at this price point. Unlike high-end chain hotels, many privately-owned mid-range hotels reflect the vibrancy of the country. (The colors and vibe are really fun!)

Finally, many high-end hotel chains operate in bigger cities in Colombia. These are often US 80 + and offer a more complete range of facilities.

Best Accommodation Booking Sites

HostelWorld or Hotels.com are great accommodation booking options for Colombia. Both are perfect for looking up and reviewing hostels or hotels in the country.

Airbnb and Couchsurfing are also possible in Colombia! My Couchsurfing hosts were so friendly that I felt like I was adopted into the families I stayed with! If you are looking for something a tad more luxurious, VRBO is great for vacation rentals.

How To Get Around Colombia

Domestic transportation in Colombia is good. There are a number of buses and flights that travel between cities. Uber is also available at a cheap rate in the country.

Buses & Metro in Colombia

Colombia’s public transportation system is convenient. Most towns are connected by buses found at identifiable terminals and major cities have efficient metro systems. Some bus terminals at smaller towns may be more difficult to find; if you’ve issues locating them, I suggest that you speak with the locals for directions!

Car Rental

The roads in bigger cities are decent to drive on. However, it is not easy to navigate the mountains. So, if you are going to visit the mountainous regions, I suggest that you take a bus or book a taxi instead.

Nonetheless, if you are a skilled driver looking at self-drive options for your Colombia travel plans, rentals will work!


Domestic flights are also a great way to navigate Colombia. Flights are generally affordable. And due to the many airports in the country, it’s easy to traverse between different destinations.

Attractions & Tickets in Colombia

It’s quite easy to purchase entrance tickets and buses on site. Remember to bring cash as some places won’t accept cards!

If you’d like to book day trips organized by local guides, Get Your Guide is a great platform. There are many affordable, highly rated Colombia tours that can be booked.

Many cities also offer free walking tours. I recommend Real City Tour in Medellin (You should make a reservation at least 2 days in advance since they book out pretty fast). Although the guided tour is free, remember to tip the guides!


Insurance for Your Colombia Travel Dates

Before booking a trip to Colombia, remember to get adequate travel coverage. You should do so before purchasing your flight, as some insurance can be extended to canceled flights.

Some credit cards do offer affordable insurance coverage. Otherwise, World Nomads is a great option and you can get a

Estimated Travel Cost for Colombia

Colombia is an affordable country to travel around. Although it won’t be as cheap as the prices in Southeast Asia, it is still very budget-friendly when compared to some of its other South American counterparts.

Here are a few estimated budgets for two people:

Absolute Backpacker: US 15/day (Couchsurfing / camping, some hitchhiking, street food)

Budget Traveler: US 30 (hostels, buses, meals at small restaurants)

Mid-range Traveler: US 80 (hotels, rental car, good meals)

High-end Traveler: US 120+ (nice hotels, rental car, good meals)

What to Eat in Colombia

If I can be honest, Colombia isn’t the best destination for vegetarians and vegans. Most dishes consist of meat and protein and will leave you stuffed to the rim. There is a lot of fried goodness and here are a few dishes that you should incorporate into your Colombia travel must-dos:

MealsStreet Food
Bandeja Paisa: a hearty mealArepas
Ajiaco: soupBuñuelos
Lechona: slow roasted pork with rice and veggiesChurros
Tamales: corn based dough with various fillingsEmpanadas
Fritanga: large plate of various proteinSalchipapa
Arroz de lisa: rice dish with seafoodAvena

Many places in Colombia, especially the sidewalks near schools and metros have little food stands. Follow the crowd! If there are people, the food must be good. I didn’t suffer from stomach problems with street food in Colombia. Of course, always be careful when you are on the road!

What to Pack for your Colombia Trip

Colombia has a tropical climate and can be very humid during April, May, and the late fall months. If you plan on visiting during the rainy season, remember to bring an umbrella and a rain jacket!

Although most of the country is blessed with beautiful weather that requires little need for heavy jackets, mountainous regions do get chilly. Parts of Bogota, Medellin, and other regions that sit along the Andes can be quite windy once night hits. I suggest bringing a light jacket for your visit!

One of the most important tips I have for your Colombia travel agenda is to put on heavy sunscreen! During my visit, there were many cloudy mornings that led me to think sunscreen was not important, only to be burnt to a crisp hours later.

Other Essential Items for a Colombia Trip:

Hat and scarf/shawl

A pair of hiking shoes

Swimwear & sunscreen

A type G plug adaptor

Other Things to Know for your Colombia Travel Itinerary

I understand that some people may feel apprehensive about visiting Colombia. From Netflix (Narcos anyone?) to the news, the media does not always place Colombia in a light. Despite lots of experience with backpacking, I can’t deny that I held some initial fears before my visit as well.

But I have to say that Colombia was one of the most enchanting and warm destinations I’ve been to! There were so many people willing to go out of their way to help me out and I felt completely at home no matter where I was. A few instances stood out to me: a grandfather that began teaching me Spanish on the bus, an ice cream man that led us through the boulders in Tayrona National Park to catch the last bus into Santa Marta, a Couchsurfing host’s family taking me in as their own, and on and on and on.

During my visit, I felt completely safe wandering the streets and traveling between cities by myself. Nonetheless, do research beforehand and understand that there are certain regions and areas not suitable for tourists. Always be careful and take precautions when visiting a new destination!

If you have questions about bus terminals, do ask someone! The locals are extremely friendly and really helpful with tourists!

If you are traveling between cities by bus, always add a few hours to the quoted travel time given by the bus terminals. I find that the mountain roads were unpredictable since we came across stretches of maintenance work and a few accidents that delayed many trips.

Visit as many small towns as you do metropolitans! Be it the colorful houses or serene landscape, Colombia’s small towns are very unique!

Do spend a night at one of its national parks. I wish I chose to camp out at one of its jungles!

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