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4 Amazing Days Trips Around Antalya | Turkey

By Daisy Li

Antalya, Turkey was everything a beach city could ask for. It’s might be the works of all that sunshine, but those by the sea are always super friendly!

It was between Greece and Turkey. The office in Greece took a million years to reply, so I went forward with an internship to teach English in Antalya, a city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

After staying there for a month, I fell in love with the town. From the weather to the food, Antalya was everything a beach city could ask for. It’s definitely the works of all that sunshine, but those who live by the sea are always super friendly.

Antalya, Turkey

Clock Tower in Antalya, Turkey

Clock Tower in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is the capital city of Antalya province, a beautiful sphere encompassing party town Kemer, bungalow-filled Olympos, historical Side, and beautiful Alayna.

A tourist hot spot, Antalya has a beautiful beach and a busy bazaar running through Keleici (Old Town) leading to a beaming harbor. As a historic site, Old Town has infrastructures dating back to the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empires. For those looking for a great night out, Keleici has some small, but great bars and clubs.

Antalya, Turkey during sunset

Antalya, Turkey during sunset

The marina is surrounded by restaurants and cafes, with Gluets (old wooden boats) looking to draw people in for a rocky ride. As a large group, we were able to bargain for a boat ride for 5 lire. It lasted an hour into the dark sea, with Turkish music and dancing throughout the whole trip.

Later, a few of us spent some time near a seating area by the beach. There were numerous vendors walking around offering ice-creams and plates of fresh mussels stuffed with rice – a must-have. There is also a free elevator around the harbor that will definitely save some legwork, and do not miss the view from the observation deck when you leave the lift!

Kemer, Antalya, Turkey


Kemer has two of the best clubs in Antalya–Inferno and Aura. The entry is around TL 30 including a free drink. The clubs are fancy, with a large number of tables surrounding a small dance floor. Unlike Istanbul’s deep house, clubs in Antalya often blast your typical top-40. As a sizeable go-to city for tourists, there were a lot of all-inclusive hotels and resorts in the area. However, prices for alcohol and other items are relatively higher than in Antalya. You can either take a bus from Antalya, which costs TL 10, or a taxi, which is around TL 50.

Olympos, Antalya, Turkey

Olympos Antalya Olympos, Antalya[/caption]

Olympos is a beach paradise! It definitely has the most beautiful beach in Antalya, Tukey.

This is where most locals go on vacation as the sea is visibly clearer than ones in Antalya. It is famous for its tree houses and bungalows, as well as its Greek ruins. The small town consists of numerous guesthouses that lead toward the beach/ruins.

The beach has a TL 5 entrance fee but is free when late at night or early in the morning. The ruins are off a beaten path and usually deserted.

There are buses to Olympos leaving Antalya every half an hour. It is around a two hours ride, costing 8-10 lira. Make sure to take public buses such as Bati Antalya, Kumluca Seyhat, Bati Antalya or Antalya tur from the central Antalya bus station and TELL THE DRIVER that you want to get off at the Cirali Olympos junction! If not sure, ALWAYS ask!!

I ended up Couchsurfing in Olympos in a bungalow. The place was beautiful, as the bungalow was located a few kilometers away from the touristy spots. However, the stay wasn’t the greatest, and I ended up spending a night in a treehouse after the first night.

Side, Antalya, Turkey

Water reservoir in Side, Turkey

Water reservoir in Side, Turkey

I decided to start my travels right after my internship. Side was the first on my list. Famous for its ruins and long beaches, it is 14 lire and an hour and a half away by bus from Antalya.

Side is a small, ancient town inside the larger city of Manavgat. If you are traveling by bus from another town, take it to Manavgat and ask around for a shuttle!

Convincing two of my teaching friends to come along and couch surf for the first time, we were lucky to have one of the best hosts I’ve encountered!

Founder of a school for disabled children, my host was extremely passionate about his city. He tirelessly drove us throughout Manavgat, showing us Oymapinar Dam, the town of Side, took us on ATV tours, jet skiing, and go-karting.

Water reservoir in Side, Turkey

Water reservoir in Side, Turkey

The Oymapinar Dam is a must-see if you are able to find a car or hitchhike. The Dam is enormous and the water reflects a deep turquoise. There aren’t many tourists due to the 30-minute drive up a mountain, so it is truly nature at its finest.

In comparison, Side is much busier. While the ruins were not as crowded during the evening, the enclosing streets were full of packed restaurants, bars, clubs, and a colorful bazaar.

Following Side, I continued on my 9-city Turkey venture by tapping into the beautiful landscape of Alanya. Alanya is definitely one of the best cities in Turkey to visit.

Final Thoughts

Although Istanbul remains the most known Turkish city among tourists alike, I’d recommend anyone to dabble the beauty of Antalya, even just for a few days. From beautiful beaches to mesmerizing ruins, Antalya provides tons to see and more to do. These mini-trips around the Antalya province are definitely worth the time.

Total Cost

Traveling in Turkey is extremely cheap. Since I couch-surfed in all of the cities, I spent no money on accommodation. Otherwise, there were a few lire here and there for food and tourist sights. I didn’t end up buying anything in Antalya since Izmir and Istanbul are known spots for shopping ;). I believe I spent less than US 100 during my month in the province.

    • The buses between different cities in Antalya vary between TL 10-20  (US 3-6).

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Danielle September 20, 2017 - 3:39 pm

Great post! Olmypos looks so beautiful, it looks like you had a great trip!

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Awesome information. Can’t believe I have never seen this.

Mel & Suan January 16, 2017 - 6:35 am

Yes we went swimming in the Mediterranean at Antalya! Woohoo! Cold and refreshing!

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Miss the sea :”)


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