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Nightlife In Hamburg | Local Tips

By Daisy Li
Nightlife in Hamburg is unlike any other. As the second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg is a hip site that attracts many a youngster.

With its traditional European architecture, easy access to the river waters, and youthful character, Hamburg is a must-stop if you intend on having an unforgettable Eurotrip. Especially for those who like a good night out in a vibrant city, Hamburg’s nightlife will guarantee any visitor the pleasure of cheap beers and plenty of laughter.

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Nightlife in Hamburg:

A Drink along the Waters

hamburg-germany-ship-on-lakeHamburg is a major port city. It sits on the River Elbe, one of the principle rivers in Central Europe. A few days’ stay with our Courchsurfing host taught us a lot about what the locals in like to do on a night out in the city!

First off, One of the things I love about Europe is their lax alcohol laws. Unlike North America, where public drinking can result in a fine, walking with a beer in hand is commonplace in the streets of Germany.

Hamburg, with its extremely cheap beers, is one of the best destinations for a night of indulgence. On weekend nights, this European port is full of chatter and rich with energy.

Start the evening at any chain supermarket. Grab a few drinks of your preference and board the subway towards Jungfernstieg. With a waterfront view, this urban promenade is located on Binnenalster, one of the two artificial lakes within Hamburg.

Alternatively, spend the evening wandering around Fischmarkt by the harbor of River Elbe, where port-bound boats and night cruises dot the darkened waters with spikes of light. As with the gorgeous view of Jungfernstieg, the reflection of these sailboats on the water is breathtaking.

Nightlife in Hamburg:

Cheap Shots at Landungsbrücken

The Elbe Tunnel is a 426 m tunnel that opened in 1911. With beautiful green domes, northern entrance Landungsbrücken is easily distinguishable from afar.

During the summertime, crowds of people can be seen at the entrance or right outside. As with Jungfernstieg and Fischmarkt, the Elbe Tunnel serves as a popular area for local gatherings. Friends and family crowded in these spaces chatting and drinking. Once in a while, waves of laughter would pass through the packed space.

There were vendors that sold miniature bottles of liquor straight from baskets. These 1 Euro drinks were purchased by a number of idlers, so along with the crowd, we grabbed a few as well.


My friends and I sat for some time chatting away before we embarked on the last leg of our journey-the jewels of nightlife in Hamburg-St Pauli and Sternschanze.

 Nightlife in Hamburg:

Dance from Reeperbahn to Sternschanze

Reeperbahn and Sternschanze are both extremely popular areas for a night out in Hamburg. The former is a prominent red light district featuring streets of cheap bars and night clubs. The latter is more alternative and hip.

Reeperbahn is located in the district of St. Pauli. Its nickname in German is “die sündigste Meile” or, the most sinful mile. Between restaurants, nightclubs, and bars, there are also strip clubs and sex clubs that appear on the street. Reeperbahn is also known to have hosted the Beatles for performances before they became famous!

Sternschanze is known as the counter-cultural center of Hamburg. From record stores to boutiques, this district is more popular among locals.

For those wishing to carryout a full night of activities, it isn’t difficult to spend a night exploring the best of both worlds as these two areas are only 20 minutes apart by foot.

There are lots of options to choose from. If you aren’t used to the deep house and electronics of PAL and Fundbureau, opt for some house music at Grosse Freiheit 36. If you can’t handle the chaotic pulse of Herzblut St. Pauli, give the more laid-back Bar 1910 a try. All in all, there is a bit of something for anyone.


When to go to Hamburg

From May to October, Hamburg’s mild climate can be best enjoyed by tourists. Almost every month has a festival or bash of some sort. If going to Hamburg specifically for its nightlife, opt for Reeperbahn Festival in September that showcases over 360 concerts and events, or Hafengeburtstag, the largest Harbour festival in May.

How to get to Hamburg

Depending on where you are coming from, the Intercity Express train or a flight from any major city can take you to Hamburg.  Eurolines and Flixbus are some of the many bus operators that have Hamburg on its destinations’ list.

Here’s how to find cheap flights!

In addition to Hamburg, my friend and I found some cool things to do in Berlin (cue staying with hippies and exploring an abandoned hospital). Thanks to my Camila for her beautiful photos! Check out more of her work on instagram here.

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