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Recently, someone asked me to describe moments that define my travels. It’s so easy to go on and on about the sunrises in the Himalayas or Cappadocia, the night swims in the Pacific or Mediterranean.

😌But honestly, it is the Bolivian grandpa who taught me Spanish on a 5-hour bus ride in Colombia, the ice cream man who helped me climb stacks of gigantic boulders along the shoreline to avoid tourist zones, the driver who asked me to sit beside him for safety during a night ride towards the Himalayas, the Indian family who invited me home at 3 in the morning when I was stranded at a bus station, the security guards who danced with us backstage at a bar in Cuba, the woman in Venice who walked some 2 hours with me to find my Airbnb, the Turkish Rideshare drivers who wouldn’t let me pay a cent because I was a visitor to their country.

The hundreds of people I’ve stayed with and the thousands I’ve met or traveled with. The many that invited me into their lives without asking for anything in return. These are the moments that define my travels, the glorious, magnificent humanity of it all.

Start here, where a bunch of travel tips will hopefully, help kickstart your journey as well!